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Join the plant-based revolution and make your resolutions come true this year!

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Ujamaa Juice

About Us

Ujamaa means extended family in Swahili, and that’s what Ujamaa juice means to us. Providing our family with the best ingredients, great nutrition,packed full of flavor.

Welcome to the family.

Why Choose Ujamaa ?

Because we know flavor

We recognize that it’s not easy making resolutions. So this year instead of ranking yourself up on top of your game and resolving to be even better in the new year – try taking a small step toward happiness with our plant-based products!

Nutrition Balanced

Cold press juicers make it possible for people who don’t drink vegetable or fruit juice at home because they take longer than other methods ; plus there’s no waste from pulverizing soft produce into submission before extracting its goodness.

Satisfied Customer

“This juice is the best I’ve ever had! The ginger really shines through, and it’s so refreshing. It hits your mouth with just enough heat that gives you a little tingle before cooling down into something soothing – very much consisting of pure blissful perfection.”

From Natural Fruit

The high-quality ingredients we use in our recipes ensure that each bottle is a step above the rest. We promise not to add water, concentrates or preservatives during production for added flavor and nutritional value; you can count on us!

Featured Products

Taste the freshness

We have received expert advice from the juice industry experts, who are helping us create a menu that guarantees quality flavor in each bottle. Ujamaa Juice will never add water or other substances to their recipes without being told so!


Ujamaa Mama


The cold-pressed juice of the moment is a perfect pick me up for your morning. It’s packed with vitamins and minerals, making it an excellent way to start off any day!


Cameron's Carrot Juice


Our cold-pressed and packed with leafy green goodness for a flood of nutrients. This product is rich in vitamins, minerals such as vitamin A (as beta carotene), C & E which give your body needed energy!




The cold press extraction process maintains all the vitamins and minerals in natural food. The juice is loaded with healthy nutrients to give you a positive mood!




Cold-pressed and packed with leafy green goodness for a flood of nutrients. A great way to get your daily allowance in!

Have you had your vitamins today?

“We all have the power to be happy and healthy. And we only need a little help from our friends, like these delicious cold press juices!”


Natural refreshment in a bottle.


Vitamin C

Vitamin A



Vitamin B6